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Phone: 044 882 1240  currently closed /  082 811 1195

Also Our Pause Coffee Roastery:

Phone: 044 882 1211  open for business

Trading Hours:


PAUSE coffee roastery OPEN 9am – 5pm everyday    Phone: 044 882 1211


Please be aware that new rules have came into effect today 19.03.2020 concerning alcohol sales at restaurants with the current Corona virus containment measures.

We have clean stations at every department and have put extra measures in place to stop the spread of the virus at our establishments. We will trade as normal except for the restaurant not being open, we have moved over some chefs so your favourite dishes & breakfast can be made at Pause Roastery.

Current law prohibits alcohol sales after 1pm in the afternoon on Sundays and on Public Holidays.

OPEN everyday

Monday –  Sunday: 9am – 5pm –  PAUSE ROASTERY

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